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Should AUSRC.COM open an online store?

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Would you like to see an AUSRC.COM Shop?

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I was thinking of extending the site to include an online store.

If you think it is a good idea, what parts, kits would you like to see first? Also, would you use it if we only accepted PayPal initially?


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Good topic.

Yes I thick you should do it. I would have no hesitation to assist you in puting DSI in there place.

How deep have you looked into it?

Are you aware of the import duties and GST that you will be required to pay?

The big advantages if you are going to import on a regular is that you get to trade in the value of the Aussie dollar of the day.

The down side is that you pay more for freight.

The dissadvantage of buying in Bulk is that that money is tied up until you sell it.You could be like DSI and get caught and buy everything and then have the Aussie dollar Kick But and not be able to compete with the prices that the next lot of new fish can buy it at.

Plese don't take this the wrong way I am all for it the more people thatsell the stuff the more parts that will be in the country less down time.
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ausrc decals would be cool, dunno much on other parts, maby stuff that
isnt as easy to get, maybe HPI stuff, out LHS dont support HPI......!

if i need something the LHS has it in the next day or as soon as possible.....

sorry to bring up an old topic but this is a sweet idea, and i'd love to be part of it!

Things i would consider for this venture:

Profit or just to cover the costs of the service? If this was a non-profit setup the possibilites are endless and you almost ensure success.

Are you thinking of offering an import service - maybe for apostage fee you could import from tower and stormerhobbies (or wherever else parts are sourced) - or are you planning to have an inventry of parts kept here in AUS?

I like the notion of having australian only parts like AUSRC FORUM signature decals (maybe you could run a design comp for alluminium wheels and then get them made and sold onlyhere!)

I think it should cover some common/popular kits/rtr/parts, with the option to request additional items, such as any item from tower.

Any way I think an import service would be very handy.


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yes, i also think its a great idea
it would be good to have a AUSSIE site decal on our cars/trucks!! and star guitar mentioned earlier that proline bodies cost 90 bucks
well i got my proline jeep cj8 for 55 or 60 bucks nick
but yeh grea tidea to have a online store!! if u will acept bank money orders.. form us aussie well gold coasters
or maybe a pick up form your house ausrc (if u live in brissy)
oh and sell parts for xtm x-factors

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For those ordering bits and pieces from overseas do you do group buy?
group buys are pretty huge in the car scene (if you can find enough
people who want the same thing).

I think the online shop would be a great idea, you'd need a fair amount
of capital i'd say just because of the nature of the business, as mrc
has mentioned theres a fair amount of cashflow tied up at anyone time.

I'm all for it!
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I think Mark at MRC does a great job, and I am inclined to push people his way for now (he just did me a great deal on some Hot Stuff Fuel - but that is a whole other thread).

Things I will try and achieve:

Decals - everyone seems hot in the pants for some AUSRC Decals.....

Think about a buying co-op for the importing of stuff. How it might work, etc.

Outside of that, it is all getting a bit hard. If you talk to Mark, MRC started out as a hobby and is now all consuming of him. I don't know that I am "in that place yet".


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ahem sorry, yep id like to see some ausrc decals along the side of me
car, and maybe you could get custom decals done, eg, our User names

I know this is an old thread.....but....Is this idea still a possibility?

I know Chris (AUSRC) is a busy guy with his day job, but there are others that could process orders and get stock out.

If you are interested in an AUSRC shop, put your 'X' in a post and see what can be done.
It's only 8 years old Pete.
To an old bloke like you that would just feel like yesterday :p

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Sounds like a cool idea

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Stickers and or stencils for painting our cars.

T-shirts or polo shirts also, possible lanyards aswell.

I dont drink but stubby holders would be a good cheap choice.

I would pay for a subscription to the forum if I get a pack with all of the above!
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