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Should AUSRC.COM open an online store?

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Would you like to see an AUSRC.COM Shop?

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I was thinking of extending the site to include an online store.

If you think it is a good idea, what parts, kits would you like to see first? Also, would you use it if we only accepted PayPal initially?


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i think its a good idea, id like to see parts for kyosho alpha's.....

paypal, ehhmm not really as us younger one cant have it, what about direct bank transfer

will it only be for us aussies, or for the whole world


Only Aussies, and we could do Bank Transfer.

I Think its a good idea, things such as big and small decals would be cool, id put them on my truck

also, as nismo stated us youngens cant use paypal so i think a system like the one on towerhobbies would be bets, since you can put in your credit card details and whatnot and its all very easy.

I know i dont wanna set up a paypal account when your on the other side of town i think itd be easier to use the tower set up.

Also, Do MODS get free decals
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yes wel thats cool, id do the bank transfer easy, thats what i do with ebay(mums acciount

but yes decals, bodies, wheels, and ausrc decals would be cool, id put em on me car to promot the site....

sounds good to me!!

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i think bodies and wheels would be quite a challenge... maybe we can stick with decals for now
yes maybe......well it depends on what type of store you want then, just ausrc decals, or a full blown online site....?

if it were full online store, it would require the stocking of a lot of parts, kits and other things which would cost a considerable amount of money. Therefore, i think the decals would be simplest.
well then, how much would one set cost, can i get custom made ones???

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i have no idea lol, we'll have to see what ausrc says
yes, well i still say its a good idea, love to see some custom decals on my next body(TVR speed 6 hopefully)


what other parts or bits you reckon??
truthfully i dunno aye, but decals would be pretty cool to have i wouldnt put them on my stocker body its decalled enough as it is, they would probably go on the body i think ill get for my birthday (april) so that gives us time to design, and print the decals
at my lhs they have this sticker paper for your cars and it is water proof and really tough and sticks good, but it is $50 bucks for a set( 5 sheets in a set) you could do that if you have a inkjet printer because they print out high quality stuff, and for the payment issue i think you should keep ur options open because everyone might not be able to use the same thing, because i got paypal and thats what i would use and it is easy aswell. Edited by: bender
yes seen that stuff before, good stuff!!
I think I would like to do more than decals. Things that are cheap in the US but expensive over here. I will bring a bunch in and sell them on the site - that kind of thing.

i see... glow plugs
, you can never have too many of them

also, pro-line bodys they cost too much over here like 90 bucks
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Cool... so the list is starting to look like:

OS A5 Glowies
OS 8 Glowies
Selection of Proline Bodies

Keep going guys....

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HPI Pullstarts
Tires/Wheels (Proline)
Parts For Members Cars (Savage Ect.)

Also, possibly a member can request a part and a quantity and you can order it for them, but cheaper from like tower
Have a parts by request.... get the bits you want in 14-21 days.

Sounds good.

remember, tower ships 10 to 30 although thats air shipping, some people arent prepared to pay the extra... unlike me hehe, although their things havent arrived even after 12 weeks

ill come up with some more ideas tomorrow bed time lol

cya later guys
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