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For all the guys withh the good guts on engine breakin, I have a couple of questions.

The Wasp .26 will arrive mid week next week, so I will be breaking it in on the long weekend. HIRISK has already recommended that the 15T CB is better for breakin, but what about things like:

  1. <LI>Air Cleaner - Stock v High Performance.</LI>
    <LI>Wheels and Tyres - Is it alrigh to break in using the 40 Series Velocity 6 Rims and Big Joes, or should I put the stockers back on.</LI>
    <LI>Can I use the Roto during breakin, or should I stick withh the Pull Start.</LI>

Any thoughts would be apprieciated.



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Hi Ausrc,

You must be hanging out for the engine to arrive!! They are a serious power house.

1) What aircleaner you use will not effect the break in of your new motor. But in saying that, I still would use the best one you have right from the start, this way you can always be sure your engine is getting the cleanest air possible. The stock HPI filter is pretty crappy and I don't trust it off road at all.

2) What wheels and tyres you run should not make any difference to the break in. Just be aware that the very rich setting you will be running will cause the truck to bog down off the line. If you find that it is stalling a lot when you try to drive off, just try using the stock wheels/tyres and see if that helps. Should be OK though.

3) You can use the Roto during break in, but to be honest, I wouldn't. The compression on these motors is killer and you are better to break a $20 pull start rather than a $100 Roto Start. Once you have done the break in, then just fit the Roto back on. I have gone through 3 pull starts withhh my Picco already and have just ordered a new Roto from Tower.Edited by: HIRISK
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