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Just found this on the web

Model Makers and Colelctors Association - $97 587
To construct a public participation model park at 137 Howard Road,
Glenorchy. The park will consist of an above ground fresh water lake,
two radio control car tracks, a tethered electric plane flying circle and
a building.

Will try and get some pics on the weekend, though there aint much to
see as they bulldozed the grass off and flattened two big squares,
and since then nothing has happened aside from the grass growing
back... cant wait for it to be finished though, this was the first i had
heard of the planes and boats too, might have to dig the old boat
out!! Anyone know where I can get some decent outboard motors
for r/c boats? (electric) its a twin hull f1 type thing, a kyosho from
memory, and must be at least 15 years old... the thing is only
powered by two 360 outboard motors.
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