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Haha yea, it was awesome. He took it up another couple of times, but I just watched instead of videoing. The video doesn't quite reproduce the awesome sound that it makes when it hoons past 3m above the runway.

Let me tell you, all the dudes with the big EDFs (me included) were just sitting there twiddling their thumbs wondering how they could become as cool as Chris :D.

He had a twin turbine F-18 in the back of his van, but it wasn't ready for flight unfortunately :(.

Love his 8 point roll down the flight line, just before the landing. Hmmm... I should have added the Top Gun theme music!

How long does it take to learn to fly ? I assume years of practice on less expensive planes?

How long for some one to go from never flown to capable of flying and landing a jet powered plane?

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