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Hey all, I'm a greener than green recruit to the world of RC. I Recently got myself an NTC3 RTR. It's kick ass fun! Now I've noticed it's been mentioned there's no one to bash with in SA or anywhere to do it for that matter. This may be case with savage's and the like but it seems nitro and electric touring is pretty popular. This track and club is just outside my home town of Mt Barker in the Adelaide hills. I'm not yet a member but will be soon. The track is awesome, good enough to host the 1/5th scale nationals later this year! so if anyone is down this way with their car stop in a check it out!

also here's a second link or twoto some other tracks in SA. by: Racer X

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The Parks community centre, Cowan Avenue Regency park. Its in the back of the community centre carpark, right near the greyhound track.

Its called "MRCCA - Model Radio Car Club Adelaide."

Its pretty cheap to become a member and get a key, so you can race anytime.

Heres a pic of the track.

We also like to thrash in the Woolworths carpark, at Holden Hill (opposite the police station)
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