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i have been reading postson young R/C fans how there saving to
buy a savage well i would never buy one from aussie dealer as there
tend to rip people off badly he is the secret
go to and buy from the usa i bought my second
savage last night complete with radio gear for $399US +50US
postage tkes 2 weeks to get here so do your sums it only cost me
$560 aussie dollars soi why in the hell would u want to spend more
towerhobbies is the largest R/C shop in the usa i that why is so cheap
because there buy so much quota and that drives prices down i have
also bought a traxxx revo and a trinity spyder 1/7 scale which sh*ts
all over revo and savage but the savage is still my fav as it was my
first nitro so if you younger guys want a bargain go towerhobbies u
still get 2 years factory warranty so dont listen to the old stuborn
wankers that say buying overeas is bad there just stupid twits that
pay double the money my reciet is pasted down here

Product Description
Stock Status/Quantity
Extended Price

The following items will ship from Champaign, Illinois
Estimated Arrival Date: Between 2 to 6 weeks

HPI 1/8 Savage 25 RTR w/3-Channel Radio
In stock, shipping 1

Order Summary

Billing Type: Mastercard
In-Stock Subtotal:
International Surface:
Total Current Charges:
$ 399.99
$ 50.39
$ 450.38

Once again, thank you for your orderEdited by: nowra_savage

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This is the 1/8 scale, glow powered, radio controlled, 4 wheel drive
HPI Savage 25 off-road ready-to-run Monster Truck.

FEATURES: Chassis: TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) 6061-series aluminum,
2.5mm thick
Drive: Four wheel drive
Drive Type: Shaft driven
Radio: 27MHz AM pistol grip TF-4 with steering dual rate,
and throttle trim, and high-torque steering servo with 70 oz/
.20 sec. @ 4.8V or 90 oz./in & .16 sec. @ 6V
Engine: HPI Nitro Star S-25 (4.1cc) with billet aluminum
head, dual bushing aluminum connecting rod, ABC chrome
construction, dual needle 7mm slide valve carburetor, and
push button Roto Start eliminating the pull-start from the
and the primer button from the fuel tank
Exhaust: Composite dual chamber tuned pipe with aluminum
Fuel Tank: 5.4oz (160cc) with ceramic in-tank filter and rear
Clutch: 3-shoe with 15 tooth clutch bell and an 18 tooth clutch
included for high-speed on-road driving
Transmission: Two-speed with selectable shift point with
heavy duty
metal internal gears and adjustable slipper clutch
Bearings: Full set of rubber sealed bearings, 18 total
Shocks: Eight oil-filled, plastic bodied with coil-over firm black
Main Gear: 49 tooth plastic spur gear
Gearboxes: Sealed front and rear
Differentials: Planetary type with hardened metal gears
Brakes: Fiberglass disk
Tires: 6.25" (159mm) outer diameter, 3.25" (82mm) wide,
3.6" (91mm)
inner diameter, pre-glued to wheels
Wheels: 1-piece, 3.5" (89mm) diameter, 2-1/4" (55mm) wide
monster truck, chrome finish
Body: Highly detailed pre-painted extended cab pickup truck
red, silver, and graphite graphics with full set of decals
Bumpers: Front and rear with skid plates
Suspension: Wide track, stainless steel inboard hinge pins with
anodized aluminum braces, and standard upgraded steel
Camber Tie Rods: Non-Adjustable, camber is the angle at
the tires sit vertically
Steering Tie Rods: Adjustable, caster/toe-in is the angle that
tires point inward as viewed from above
Steering: Bell-crank
Servo Saver: Included
Build Time: Ready to run in about 15 minutes
Warranty Period: Two year, limited

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I broken my suspension arms and all I was doing was onroad running, I
swear, can I get new ones from Tower via warranty? That warranty is

Buy local and support the hobby shops. People like noora_savage, don't
know much about economy, international marketing and prices. Eg. you
know that people in the US get paid less then in Australia? I know,
shocking, but I guess noora_savage didn't think of that before yakking
on people to buy overseas.

Buy local, prices are always coming down, plus new comers should have
access to local hobby shop support, atleast for their first model.

That T Hobbies 2 year warranty is bogus. Like Zoomer said,


Peter Andre.

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Yeah its very sad when you have like a 15 year old kid looking to get into the sport and they go to one of the local hobby shops who sell them cheap rubbish because they dont realise any better
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