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TMAC HeliDay

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thought I'd go and check out the Heliday at the Tingalpa Model Aero Club.
It was the first time i have been to such an event,
I went along for a few hours as a spectator and thought I'd post a few pics.

obviously there were helis, lots of em

Some impressive flying

the scale helis looked great

nice to know i'm not the only one who hits the ground
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You should have had your helis there today , it was lots of fun ...

Thats my MA Razor nitro inverted , but not me flying it though!! It was being flown superbly by Gavin Broadbent , who placed 2nd in Expert level at the 3D Masters Heli event in England recently, a pretty good pilot!!!

Theres only 4 of these Miniature Aircraft Razor Nitro helis in Australia atm , we had 2 of them at Tingalpa today.. We are "test bunnies " for them , they are an American made heli , but not released there yet !! Some of the yanks are a bit put out over that too !! :thumb::thumb:

We'll be promoting these Heli events on AUSRC in future, so anyone interested can take part too ...

It was a great day, with a great group of heli flyers , and lots of help and advise freely given out ......
yes it was a great day peter, i'll be looking forward to the next one.
there were some great pilots there and many impressive machines.
I didn't think it necessary to bore everyone with my ho hum skills.

I got a short bit of video of dane flying, though it is hard to keep up with his aggressive style. I actually thought he had crashed and was amazed to see the 600n fly away.

I saw that you came well prepared

few more pics

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Great bit of vid, Dane is hard to keep up with even without a camera!! , He did bend it later in the day though ..

BTW, just to brag about the quality of help and advice that's available at most of the events held up this way , the 3 blokes you can see the backs of at the end of the above vid , are, l-r, Gary Watson , Mick Warren and Rick Mailath.. Those three are the members of the Australian F3C team that has represented Aus at the last couple of World Champs ....... and are all great blokes ......

It's a fun hobby ....:thumb::thumb:
except maybe for that mick guy and that gary guy ;)

Nice pics urin8, It was a great day, those guys make it look so easy!
Nice collection there just wandering are there any of these days in Adelaide and any information on the next one and where it is held would be great.

Here you go ..

SARCH flies on Sunday mornings at Adelaide High School on West Tce.

SARCH = SA R/C Heli club...
Nice pics urin8, It was a great day, those guys make it look so easy!
it is humbling to see them fly so effortlessly...
i best get back to the sim:bang:
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