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Looking @ possibly buying one of these...

Just wanted to hear from people that race them, How they compare to the vonerr...


Yeah I would have to say that the TG10 really isn't made to race. I
copped a fair amount of crap when I rocked up to the local track day
wanting to race it.. enough crap infact to make me consider exactly
what the benefits were to turning up.

I am looking at something a bit more serious after being dissapointed
by the TG10's performance, but as everyone says (and it gets annoying
really fast) "its an OK first car".

My tg10 has a fair mod list now ($350+ extra spent), 2 speed, header + tuned pipe, carbon
fibre top deck, stabiliser bars, reinforced prop shaft, foam tyres,
venom failsafe, harder shock oil etc etc etc..

Still not happy with it, not sure if it is worth spending more money on
it or just going for something more professional and adjustable.

I think my main problem was that I thought if more money went in it
would slowly get more competitive.. but it is a car that has its
limits.. and that are set fairly low.

In closing, don't buy one to race with seriously.. buy one to thrash around with.

I still turn up to track days with it to beat my own times, just ignore whats going on around me

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