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I recently dropped a Tamiya FS18 into a TG10 and have a Tmaxx plastic pipe connected.

Things were going pretty well until lately, when I pulled things down to drop in a 2 speed.

It's back together -Trouble is now, it revs very high and drives on its own, but will stall momentarily when the brake is applied.

The carb opening would be no more than about 1 - 1 1/2 mil as per the recommendation. The idle screw and thriottle arm are where they should be, as I have a habit of recording the stock setup of things before I fiddle.

It's almost as if I'm sucking air from somewhere - it's running quite rich and dumps oil everywhere out of the exhaust - plenty of blue smoke too. I can't see any obvious areas where I may be sucking air.

I'm running the Tamiya oversized heatsync and have the needle at about 2 1/4 turns out (anything richer and it doesn't like to run.)

Any suggestions?


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