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Super tight piston and sleeve

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I own a Hot Bodies D8 with the GO Engine .21 pro rear exhaust 3 port engine installed.

When i purchased the engine i was told i would need to heat it up with a hair dryer for a while before it would start without it, being caused by a tight fitting piston that would eventually wear down to give optimal performance.

I live in the dulwich hill area so there are no suitable places for me to use the car nearby that are not near people. Adding to this is an incident i had with this car caused by an bad battery, which caused the car to race away at full throttle with me left with no control.

I should mention that before using the car, i ran about 5 tanks of fuel through it whilst raised of the ground, increasing the rpm steadily towards the end. Then i put it on the ground and did a few tanks at low speeds. It was when i started to do a few runs at higher speed that my battery died and it raced off and did its own thing :eek:

If anyone could give me advice on how long i should need to heat it before use for or any ways to get the fit right it would be much appreciated. Having to heat it up is making it difficult to use with no suitable places nearby.

Cheers :)
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I only ever heat the engine for the first time kicking it into life. Maybe second too as some engines can be mega tight but definitely more than that. After that the engi e should start on its own. If its the dead of winter and it is very cold then I might preheat the engine a little but that depends on what part of Australia you are in as it might never get that cd for you. Talking under 15deg.

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After 5 tanks of fuel I doubt you would need to pre-heat the engine. I suggest you get yourself an electric car if you are having complaints about noise.
I love nitro engines but I live way out in the bush and have no problems with noisy people complaining. lol

I have a GO .25 in my boat so I know a bit about these engines.

Is it a pull start? Are you having trouble starting it?
Mate my cousins neighbour used to fly his aeroplane in his street and he lived in dully...plenty of places around even if you go to the big park corner of bexley rd and homer st you can run there

Tempe netball courts behind cob n co

There's a few places round there

And it is a good idea to heat it up before starting it if it feels real tight as there's less friction between the cylinder and piston when they expand...even just that little bit of heat helps alot

How much heat? Doesn't realy matter you won't overheat it past 100 degrees with a hair dryer so not to worry

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GO Engines are very tight, tighter than most so its good to pre heat them, & the more you keep doing it, with any engine, the better, specially when the weather is a little cooler. Getting the engine up to around 150F is a good target, probably hard to get much higher with a hair dryer, I use a hair dryer on my engines & it works ok but even after a dozen tanks my modified GO engine is still very tight & can't be turned over by hand.
Pre heating an engine will give it a longer life, even after its run in & when the engine is cooling, put the piston to BDC, (bottom dead centre).
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