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Super tight piston and sleeve

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I have a HotBodies D8 with the GO Engine .21 Pro Rear Exhaust Turbo Burn Room 3 Port buggy engine. When i purchased the engine i was told that it would have a very tight fitting piston, allowing it to be worn with use and hence ensure high performance. I was told to heat the engine with a hair dryer before use to enable it to turn over (no hope of turning it over on my starter box without heat).

Long story short, the thing ran off by itself due to a crappy battery and smacked into a wall at full speed. After minor repairs it is now ready to use, however i have nowhere close to use it.

Having to heat the engine before use requires me to use it nearby, however i live in the Dulwich Hill area and there is nowhere i can use it quickly after heating.

How long will i need to heat the engine before starting will not require this step? I am more than happy to continue to heat for a while to look after it, however it makes things very difficult.

I should mention that when i first used it, a ran around 5 tanks of fuel through it whilst raised of the ground on a rich tune. Towards the end i began to increase rpm, then ran a few tanks at slow speeds on the ground, and during my higher speed tanks, it decided it had enough and did its own thing :eek:, so it hasn't been used very much.

Sorry for the wall of text and cheers for any help/advice.
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