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Strange goings on....

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Is it just me or am I becoming paranoid? I see the A-Main banner at the top of the header and it seems to change the piccies, except for the last three items I viewed on A-Main whilst I was logged into my account? Coincidence or cookies? :confused:
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Definetly no coincidence, the motor in the ad is the exact one I looked at. Not happy with this type of advertising, never come across it till the forum changed hands....So much for our info being safe. :mad:
Doesn't it happen everywhere. Like at youtube and most other websites with advertising.
Ad-Blocker FTW, never see advertising again.
My beef is that the forum owners are obviously onselling something to A-Main, even if it is only my prescence when I log in. Did they not say that this wouldn't happen?
I thought it had something to do with your pc, have you tried logging onto the forum from a computer that you don't often use?

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Ad-Blocker FTW, never see advertising again.
+1. Love it. Sometimes I turn it off just to see what I'm missing out on :p
+1 Didn't realize how much there was till they all disappeared.
yeah the Axiel Exo Terra Buggy Has been Haunting me for days now..!
Hey you're correct there Brad, I just saw the same ad on yootoobe with the stuff I just put in my wishlist at A-main. I'm gonna try looking at stuff sometime while I'm not logged into my account on A-main and see if it still does the same. :yield:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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