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Some Minor Changes Coming Soon to For Sale Section

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Some minor changes will be happening to the For Sale Section soon....

These changes will Only effect the selling section....

The most common questions asked have prompted these new changes...

1.All Ads will require a location...(hint) there is an "about me section" on your profile page, that allows your location to be inserted...this will negate the need to type it into the ad as your location will be displayed under your Avatar

2.All Ads will require at least one (1) picture of the item being offered for sale

3.All Ads will require a description of the item being offered for sale...linking to an ad on eBay or Gumtree will not exempt this requirement

4.A price will still be required to be posted in the ad

The only other change will be a time frame.

The time frame is 2 fold, new members will need to both attain the post count and wait the appropriate time frame, existing members that have been inactive for prolonged periods will also have to wait the time frame from their first return post

Why the time frame?

Easy answer, it is easy to reach the post count if you seriously want to, but the other reason, there are people that have posted nothing or been inactive for prolonged periods, and now visit for nothing more than to sell their gear while contributing nothing to the forum....this will weed out those people

Ultimately, these new changes will help to streamline the Selling Section by making the information available from the onset...

As always, if you have questions or comments, please feel free to chime in and let us know how you feel, or what you would like to know....that way we can make adjustments to the proposed ideas before setting it in stone...

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Something else I might add to this....

Guys...Bump your ads, I don't mean everyday, but once a week or so, give it a bump...

If the item a reply letting us know, editing the original post doesn't tell us anything
Sounds like some good changes to me, members need to be contributing to the forum rather than just using it as a selling post.
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