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just a few nitro questions

1, does it matter what size the fuel tubing is??, mine is a 3mm inside diameter

2, how long should it be??..

3, what oil do i use for the airfilter??

4, how much of a difference does a 13t clutchbell have against a 14t??..

5, i have a 3mm chassis, i want to countersink it, how do i go about
doing that??...would it be better to buy the hop up chassis?? which is
only 2.5mm



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OK, I will have a shot answering your questions....

1) The inner diameter of your fuel tubing can affect the performance of your engine. As an example, if your fuel tank outlet and carb inlet were 2.3mm and yyou run 2mm fuel, your would not be able to supply the engine withh it's maximum capacity of fuel.

The 3mm inner diameter that you run is actually fairly large and I really could not see that size being a problem on any car. 3mm fuel line is used on Nitro engines right uptp .60 in size.

I run an OFNA Fuel Filter which has a 2.3mm inlet and outlet and run fuel line withh an i.d. of 2.5mm, the fact that it is slightly larger will mean that the lines are always giving the least resistance in the entire fuel system.

2. The length of your fuel tube is up to you. There is no bad effects to be had from having it to long or to short (withhin a reasonable limit of coarse). You are better to run a longer fuel line as this gives you more run time for if and when your car flips on it's roof.

The pressure line is a different story though. You do not want to run it to short or you run the risk of foaming your fuel in the tank and also causing "pulsing" in your fuel pressure. Keep it to a minimum of about 10cm.

3. You are best to stick to a good RC Filter Oil. Tamyia make a great Filter Oil and it works a treat.

4. Going up one number in CB size will make a difference, but the difference will be more noticeable on some cars vs others. If your car currently gets off the line like a rocket and has OK top end, you won't have a drama going to 14T. This will just slow your take off slightly but give you that extra punch in the top end.

5. You can easily countersink your own chassis. You will need a good drill withh a bevel type countersink piece. You can then countersink all the holes on the chassis and just buy new countersunk head screws and bolts to replace all your factory ones.

Hope that helps.

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Just another quick tip about the back pressure line the longer u have this the more bottom-end u willreceive because there willbe a moresteady flow of pressure to the tank.

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ok so a 3mm tubing shall work??, wont force the fuel in will it??...

clutchbell yeah i thought id gain some speed....will try it out later...

il grab some aitfilter oil by tamiya or see whats in stock...

currently i have a kyosho alpha...

it had full Ball Bearings, 40t spurgear, 14t clutchbell...kyosho GX.12
withh new piston and sleeve coming tommorow, a tuned pipe also coming

i run 10% nitro,

i know a 2 speed will make a differenc in speed, but what else can i do to get a bit more speed??


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