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just repaced the spur gear and slipper clutch and it lasted about 30 seconds, after pulling it apart to find the clucth pad had chewed into my spurgear
itightend it right up and backed off half a turn like the manual says so, what has caused this?

i am running 7inch rims with a werks picco .26 i have read on other forums that people had to tighten there spurgear as tight as they can

any ideas would be appreciated thx

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tighten the spur fully!!!!!!! only back it out 1/2 turn if using a weak motor(21). When you back it out you allow the slip and with a high power motor it spins too much and heats up and eventually will melt the centre out of the spur
My stock wasp did this also. Basically tighten all the way.

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I found that if you replace the locknut you are able to run a 'softer'
spur tension than fully wound up because after a few spur changes the
locknut has lost it's lock and backs off slightly. It was getting to
the point where I was melting the spur centres, but since I started
replacing the locknuts every 2nd time the spur was off I've found I can
run them at the HPI recommended setting.

I can't find my Savage manual to give you the recommended tension
rotations, but it'll be in the manual listed on the HPI Racing website.
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