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Hi all,
New to the forum - Did a quick search, but only found older information which, may and may not be relevant.

I've just recieved my 8 year old Slash 2WD back from a friend who had it for a couple of years and no longer wants it.

Looks like a fairly heavy rebuild is necessary, but ... it'll live again!

Currently running a cheap EZRun Hobby wing 9T 4300kv and speedie, stock steering servo and can't remember what reciever. Not stock traxxas. Also got steel drive shafts, but stock everything else, save for alloy caps on the shocks. She's pretty rusty and needs all new bolts and screws, shocks and drive shafts to get her going again. Diff/gearbox is ready for the tip also (it was when I gave it to my friend! and she kept running it even more! )

I've just found out that RC Hobbies Gold Coast is not far from me, and has a great indoor race track, that I think I might like to have a crack at, so just wondering what the 'ACTUAL' rules as far as mods are concerned to stadium trucks for racing?

Just want to build it race compliant, so if I do race, I don't have to spend more money on re-doing things or putting smaller motor on or .... whatever.

So, what suspension, chassis, drive shaft, motor, gearbox, ESC and reciever regulations are there?

Cheers in advance.

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