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Like with most internet forums there will be a lot of questions that
get asked repeatedly over a period of time. The aim of this post
is to direct you to the existing topics and thus help the newer members
find the information they are looking for a bit easier.

AUSRC Stuff (rules and posting guides)

How to post a picture on AUSRC

Maximum image size in signature files

Acronyms / abbreviations - Terms you may see used on this site, some may be new to you.

ESC - Electronic Speed Controller

Hop Ups(s) - Upgraded parts or options that are superior to the standard parts

LHS - Local Hobby Shop

NiCAD - Nickel-Cadmium (a type of rechargable battery)

NiMH - Nickel-Metal Hydride (another type of rechargable battery)

RTR - Ready to Run (a car that is ready to run straight out of the box... well almost)

RX - Receiver (the part of the radio system in the car that receives the signals and works the components)

TVP - Twin Vertical Plate(s) - Chassis strengthening system used on some off road trucks

TX - Transmitter (the controller you operate and sends signals to the car)

AUSRC Topics

<a href="" target="_blank" target="_blank">New R/C Buyers
</a> - Can't decide between gas or electric, on road or off road
this guide has some great pointers and ideas on what to consider.

Import Duties - The fees and charges you can expect to pay if you purchase and ship your R/C from overseas.

Overseas Radios - Is it OK to use the radio gear that you have purchased from overseas?

Savage Hop Ups - A good starting point if you are looking to find out what the most popular mods are for your Savage.

THe difference between the Savage SS and the Savage 25 RTR - This topic has a useful discussion that centres around the difference between the HPI Savage SS and the Savage 25 RTR.

Other Site Topics that are worthwhile

Savage Central Newbie Guide - A very informative thread on Savage Central that links to a lot of popular mods and information.

<a href="" target="_blank">Radio antenna
- Good article with tests explaining what happens when
you shorten your antenna length.

If you find any other topics you think should be on this list then let a moderator know via PM and we will add to it.

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