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There seems to be an ever growing list of Hop Ups and Mods that people consider essential to the longevity of your Savage. Here is my attempt to bring them together, withhhhh my belief of their importance.

  1. <LI>4 Gear Diff Mod

    <LI>Throttle Linkage / Servo Saver Mod

    <LI>Steering Linkage / Servo Saver Mod of other stuff in here as well)

    <LI>3 Shoe Clutch (21 and SS - 25 already has it)

    <LI>Updated Hex Hubs (21 and SS - 25 already has it)

    <LI>Heavy Duty Dogbones (or upgraded CVD's)

    <LI>Heavy Duty Drive Cups

    <LI>2nd Gear Mod</LI>

I believe that any Savage, irrespective of engine requires 1 and 2. The 21, 25 or Picco 26's have too much power for 2 Spider Gear Diff. The stock throttle servo saver is too weak. Mine struggled against the throttle return spring, and the breaks were horrible.I think HPI screwed up on these 2 issues, and that is testimate to what a great truck it is out of the box, if I can only fault 2 issues.

Point 3 is purely a handling thing, but dramaticlly improves control of the truck.

If you have a 21 or SS, then upgrade items 4 and 5. HPI realised there error here, and fixed it on the 25.

6 thru 7 are essential if you are running the Picco (IMHO) or any other big HP engine. If you are rough on the truck, then irrespective of the engine, these shoud be considered. They just finish the strengthening of the drive train.

I am sure that Shaun (HIRISK) and other Savage owners will have there own thoughts on the order and priority of these, but I thought I couls at least get the ball rolling. There are other great mods, Dual Tank, Antenna Mounts, etc, that I have not listed as I don't think they relate to "Essential" mods, they are the "good things to do when you have the time and money" mods.



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cdcl0ne said:
on the top 2 best mods the photos are now gone ..

no help

you got savage x, so you don't need to worry about them. in fact, you
don't need to worry about the first 5 mods that AUSRC listed.

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