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Hey guys i'm looking to go nuts at towerhobbies some time next week.

I want together a list of non standard stuff you have on your savages.

I'm really looking for part numbers if you guys have time.

eg, centre skid plates, headlights, dual tank mod, charging switch, the pipe that hangs off the exhaust. stuff like that. All the strange stuff thats makes your Savage Tops.

Not stuff like the diff mod and steering mod.

Thanks guys.

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Have seen some sweet roll bars for the savvy, but can't see them on tower at the moment...

They were cool and protected the engine a lot better...

will update if i find them!

y don't u buy all that metalicca purple chassis set and roll bar set and shock towers man that would look sweat

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Here is my current wish list at tower

HPI Exhaust Manifold Spring 3.2x91x0.7mmx46 Savage (2)

LXFXU6 HPI Flywheel 3 Pin Savage 25 RTR

LXFYK9 HPI Heavy Duty Cup Joint 6x13x20mm Silver (2)

HPIC6128 HPI 2-Speed Maintenance Kit Savage 21

LXDUK4 HPI Heavy Duty Dogbone 9x123mm Savage 21

LXE964 Ernst Charge Receptacles Airtronics

LXGBV2 Ofna CNC L Shape Servo Arm Purple JR/Fut/Hit/Air

PROC3167 Pro-Line Toyota Land Cruiser T/E-Maxx/Savage

LXXF79 Traxxas Body Clips E/T-Maxx (12)

LXSF70 Associated Factory Team Green Slime

KYOC2335 Kyosho Bevel Shaft Inferno

LXDLD4 HPI Bevel Gear Set (Gear Differential) Savage 21

LXBZT7 Ofna Switch Cover Silicone

TRIC6113 Trinity T-Maxx Foam Insert (4)

HCAM2430 Hobbico Switch Harness w/Charge Plug JR/Hitec/Z

LXEYG3 Ofna Aluminum Fuel Filter & Primer Pump

MCCG3128 McCoy MC-8 Glow Plug

LXK134 Great Planes Ultra Precision Fuel Filter

LXESY1 Megatech Aluminum Center Skid Plate Purple Savage 21

LXFKM1 HPI Spur Gear 49T Savage SS

LXGWY3 HPI 3-Piece Clutch Set Savage

LXFYL2 HPI Dual Disk Brake Set Stainless Steel

LXFZN7 HPI Fuel Tank 160cc Savage 25 RTR
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