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Hi Gang,

I'm getting ready to install a Picco 26 in my Sav .21. Basically I want to build the Picco up completely before I install it in the truck - ie I want to put on a new flywheel, new clutch, bearing, clutch bell, bolt which holds the bell on- everything, so it is a swap-out/swap-in procedure. Given my mechanical skills, I need it all to be as simple as possible:)Questions:

(a) I don't have any documents with my Sav, so I need part numbers for *everything* I'll need. I'm very interested in hearing part numbers for any suggested parts which are better than the originals.

(b) What tooth clutch bell is recommended? As far as I know, everything else aboutmy Sav is a stock .21

(c) I've ordered one of the ribbed HPI pipes. Is that good enough for the Picco?

(d) Lastly, a left fielder, what do people think ofthe idea of keeping the original Sav 21 engine for use as a replacement in my Inferno buggy when its original engine quits?

(e) Any general comments about the Picco installation - tips etc etc?

Thanks for any help, I'd really appreciate some info!


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a) any 3 shoe clutch and fly wheel will do the job

b) I would use a 15-17 tooth clutch bell, depends how you drive and if you want top or bottom end. Stock 21 is 52 spur and 14 clutch bell

c) Ribbed pipe is much better than stock, but its not the best. It gives plenty of bottom end but not much top.

d) I put mu old 21 in a 1/10th buggy, after tking a head shim out and running 30% nitro. Pretty much a useless engine IMO.

e) You will have to grind/file some material off the inner edge of the engine mount to squeeze the case of the picco in the mount.

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You need to upgrade your diffs

[url] roducts_id=123[/url]

[url] roducts_id=122[/url]

or these

[url] roducts_id=650[/url]

get silicone diff oil i think 3k in the front 5 in the back or other way round

[url] s=diff+oil[/url]

Clutch Bells i think the stock .21 has a 14/52 combo i would go for the 15/49 which i run and believe is quite good for offroad, if u like onroad go with a 18/49 or 19/49 here they r

[url] s=clutch+bell[/url]

Hpi HD dog bones r not as needed as drive cups, mine have a lot of wear on them already IMO

[url] in_description=1&s=1&keywords=drive+cup [/url]

Yes the HPI pipe is good i believe but i think u could get somethink like mine

[url] roducts_id=83[/url]

just keep the stock engine and if the picco brakes down u will have a spare
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