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Sandman's Fleet

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Well I thought I'd start a thread for my collection of vehicles, so here goes. In Order of purchase.

Duratrax Evader BX - July 2007
Traxxas Slash - December 2009
CEN Sp1 - January 2011
Micro Twister Pro - July 2011
Traxxas E Revo - December 2011
Kyosho Mini Inferno - December 2011

Spektrum DX3S

More to come
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I will never go chrome, unless its tasteful chrome on a classic. The originals never really did it for me for some reason, but I'm keeping them as spares anyway.
No rc updates unfortunately but did get some new wheels for the beast.
Powder coat them white and lower it a little, would look sweet as! Although my VY is black and I have been talking about getting black wheels and lowering my car for ages!
Nah won't go white, there is another young bloke round here that had these wheels in white on his blue VE ute. I may plasti-dip the sides of the wheels/spokes in black to bring out the machined face but thats it. Lowering will come but probably not till the end of the year when I can afford it, but will be going Kings Super Slows so the guard should sit right on the tyre. Stop buying large scale and do some full sized mods Matty.
I'll leave this thread as an Rc thread, heres a more detailed thread for the ute with more pics and future updates.
seen a fair few powder white wheels they looks okay but too many guys have been doing it soon it loses it's unique style...

if your want to respray or get the wheels redone I know someone who can do that for you as well as white walls and also can refer you to another place that does vinyl wraps including wheels, you can get any pattern you want and they can do it just pm me if your interested ;)
Cheers man but don't have any more plans for wheels, all suspension stuff from now on.
Stop buying large scale and do some full sized mods Matty.
I'll leave this thread as an Rc thread, heres a more detailed thread for the ute with more pics and future updates.
Hell no, I have been there and got into mega a amounts of debt. 1/1 cars are cool and I still like them but will not spend the coin on them any more.

Baja wheels - $100, real wheels $1000

Baja pipe - $60 off ebay, real car exhaust $2000

etc, etc

large scale is where it is at for me!
Yeah I know quite well, those wheels and tyres cost me $1800, but meh well worth it.
Cheers man but don't have any more plans for wheels, all suspension stuff from now on.
all good wrapping is abit expensive :S full body wrap will fetch 2k lol but looks mad and protects the original paint :p
Picked up this cage and bandit over the weekend fairly cheaply. The cage has most of its running gear (nitro) but will be converted to electric and hopefully run on 5s. Started pulling it down this evening to give it a clean.

The rustler has all the stock brushed running gear minus the motor. I plan to convert this to a slash with the LCG STRC kit and my spares from my other slash. It will be a Baja styled and setup with paddles purely to be run on sand. Hopefully Ill find a VXL system cheap as they are fairly well sealed and run it with conservative gearing on 3s.

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That is actually a Bandit with bigger wheels and tyres... good cars regardless.
Lol I said both bandit and rustler. Yeah fairly happy with the purchase.

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Started pulling apart the cage and cleaning it out. Also any reccomendations for diff fluids before I go muc further? Darko Im looking at you here.

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Looks clean matey,But im sure those green wheels were off my Bazooka!
Thought Id update this for what its worth, not on here much these days but still drop in occasionally. Been moving all my junk from the garage to a new shed thats just been finished. Had nearly forgotten how much rc gear I had. Its all still here but hasnt been used in a few years, between work, uni and playing with full sized cars. Hopefully when I discover this spare time thing I'll be able to start using it all again, kinda miss it and have been looking at truggies again haha.
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Looking good, if its been a few years then its time to get some dirt on them again.
Hope the new shed had a dedicated RC work area.
Yeah hoping to drop by EMCC some day and have a chat, a drive and possibly bring the camera too. New shed is mainly for working on cars but will have room to organise my rc gear properly too. This is the shed before I srarted filling it with junk
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Nice shed, :D nice car.:D
My son had out new camera at the track on the last race day, he got some good shots for his first time using the camera.
Cheers, there's another car still to be shifted in there too. But yeah do a fair bit of photography so will try and make it down some time.
Soooo its been a long time since I updated this thread, but recently been looking at RC stuff again so thought it was time for an update. I don't know how many people still read this, but one day I hope things lean back towards forums rather than Facebook groups which are totally useless for information and learning anything. Still have all the old gear though most of it hasn't been used in the last 10 years now so most of the lipos have swelled and are stuffed, but anyway.. Finally found my Venom procharger which I haven't seen since 2014 or so, other than lack of time not knowing where this is was a major reason behind stuff not getting used. That said I have since bought a Turnigy 200w charger and parallel board for what batteries I do have left.

So recently I've bought a couple of new items, starting with a DJI Mavic mini drone. Was a marketplace find for $300 and came with a second partially working one which was attacked by a bird. Was a cheap sorta deal and for me a good way to see if I got the use/enjoymemnt out of it before I bought something newer or nicer. So far its been great fun, I haven't got a photo of it but here some footage I've taken with it. Having always done photography in some way shape or form its been a handy tool to muck around with.

Then browsing marketplace as I do I found a ripper deal on a Losi 8T 3.0 Brushless Truggy, had only 2 packs put through it and complete bar radio gear which is easy for $500, couldn't help myself and jumped on it. I haven't touched it since I bought it home, but I have a Castle external BEC and a receiver for it now, so just needs a battery and it'll be good to go. For memory its a castle MMM & 2200kv combo. so very happy with how its gone so far.

Then going back in time I bought a Schumacher MI1 TC roller to setup as a drift car as a bit of a project in 2020 (I think) in the lockdowns, got a good deal again on marketplace and the plan was (and still is) to make in to a replica of my actual drift car a R33 Skyline. I haven't done a lot for this but I do have a Turnigy 10.5t brushless motor and ESC combo, which is probably bit quick actually. I also found a suitable R33 GTR body to suit, which is still partially trimmed and still unpainted and I still need to sort batteries and battery tie downs. I'll get there eventually. I took these photos tonight, it nearly has as much dust on it as some of my full sized cars

In the meantime I've spent most of the last 10 years playing with full sized cars. This is the fleet currently, they don't all currently run sadly but lack of time, money, etc gets in the way as it does.
VZ Maloo R8 - Daily Driver

89 Ford F150

R33 Skyline - Dedicated track car setup for drifting

1973 HQ Ute

1980 VC Commodore
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