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Ok as most of u know im kinda new to this. but heres a simple review/opinion of the charger im currently using.(not for li-ion-dur!)
<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%">
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<TD class=pageing>APEX b+ (BETA PLUS) (WITH 10A DISCHARGE)</TD>
<TD class=pageing align=right>US$238.00</TD></TR>
<TD class=pageing colSpan=2>apexch05</TD></TR></T></TABLE></TD></TR>
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Item apexch05 : APEX b+ (BETA PLUS) (WITH 10A DISCHARGE)

<LI>Advanced fuzzy logic peak detector and Zero Delta Voltage automatic cut-off circuit with MOSFET and pulsed current charges NICADS or NIMH to 100% without overcharging.
<LI>The new Zero Delta Voltage technology, charging 3000mAh NIMH never before using 6.5A, very high PUNCH. Cutoff as low as 45 degree C without temp. probe.
8-bit 4MHz CPU with 8k ROM, 1k RAM, 1 channel 16 bit ADC, DSP for LPF and 8-bit PWM current control output.
<LI>Auto detection operation with charging state and charging time display.
<LI>Dual peak detection operation with charging state, charging time display.
<LI>Reverse polarity protected.
<LI>Recharges 4-7 cells on 12V car battery. Output current can be changed from 0.5A to 6.5A and discharging current is about 2A or 10A.
<LI>Built-in twin cooling fan.
<LI>AC 220V or 110V input use APEX Switching Power Supply V12 (option part).

<LI>Input Voltage: DC 11V to 15V
<LI>Nicad Voltage range: 4.8V to 9.6V for input voltage AC 200V-240V or over DC 13.5V, 4.8V to 8.4V for input voltage under DC 13.5V.
<LI>Charging current: 0.5Amp to 6.5 Amp.
<LI>Discharging current: 2 Amp or 10 Amp.
</LI>[/list]</TD></TR></T></TABLE>ITs WICKED. simple to use. atm im just charging my 5cellhump1000mha.(both fast-slowchargeat .5-1aand discharge @2a)i recieved no instuctions or explanation abouthow it worked and seems to be very user friendly. a simple red. orange and green light displays the current selection(fast/slow/dis.) the discharge feature is in my opinion a good idea. i tend to drive the mini t(current going truck) at night-down bowl wateva. an if there is still charge left when i bored i can just discharge. i have the apex hooked to a 13.5 v dick smith dc power source and it couldnt run better. there is a reminder alarm when the charger is switching between modes. ie after discharge-beep-fastcharge-slowcharge....

i can put the 5cell onfast charge at 11pm, and be woken to it flashing slowcharging...knowing in confidence that all is good and full

not bad for $100.00!

And just so its not only a review/opinion....

Considering the mini T has a graupner speed 300....

Any suggestions as to a kick arse set of batteys??

set being 2 li-ion, 2 ni-mhi?

Any body know what the max for the stock esc??

Or a good replacement esc and motor!?!?lets go....Brushless....
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