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hey all

as you would know by now, i have a kyoaho alpha nitro car
WOW!!,lol well when i got it off a mate i thought wow, cheap, lets hop it up.....

STAGE 1; pull car apart, keep note of which skrews were used where....or if have manual well good!!!!

STAGE 2; check for any really worn out parts, or
broken!, also check engine for commpression, how?? i hear you ask, well
hold the fly wheel and turn it lightly, you should feel quitwe a bit of
resistance as the piston hits the top, then you should hear a slight
thud of the piston hitting down, or you can pull the pullstart real
lightly and if you get to the first round of the piston turning over it
should be alot harder to pull....if not, well then your compression is
gone due to a worn piston and sleeve, replace soon,or you can ask
a freind or LHS dude!!

stage 3; clean everything in warm water, i like to
scrubb the alu chassis withh the nitro fuel as it cleans really
well(check pic else where on forums)....when done lay out all pieces in
the shape of the car..if you get what i mean, eg, chasis in middle,
arms around it, then hubs, etc etc etc!!

now, write a list of parts of parts that are worn and need
replacing....then get them!!, after that list down all the ecentual
need, eg, oil shocks, ball bearing etc etc !.......

ok that is where i am up too so far withh this project,

i have written down to get over this week or two, oil shocks 2 pairs, ball bearings, new piston and sleeve for engine, clutchbell and spurgear,air filter, 75cc fuel tank,and tuned pipe.....WOW!!

well should have the ball bearings, fuel tank and piston and sleeve tommorow, just hopeing the LHS is open......

keep you all updated....................


this is how it was when i got it

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went to the lhs today a bought 15 ball bearings, some threadlock,
some fuel tubing, and place an order on a tuned pipe, spurgear and
piston and sleeve....all together the stuff i bought today came too $35
something!, and the order will cost $120....

ok...STAGE 4, reasemble car withh the new bearings,
grease diffs, and other moving parts, at the moment i have the old
spurgear on, only till i get the new one...MAKE SURE TO USE THREADLOCK ON ANY METAL TO METAL SCREWS!!

pic of gearbox BB

stage 5,make sure everything is moving well, no binding in suspension, or steering!

STAGE 6, go over the car, check it all, and pop on the body and
waala till the next lot of parts come....take some pics and your done
for now.......

so far what ive done....sooo clean....engine is next... of the chassis so far in members ride!

till next time

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update, picked up a full set of clutchbell and spurgear, also came with
the middle pinion that goes into the gear box which the shaft attaches
..confused meself...

came with everything, all brand new in packet still, off a local racer
for $ thats that sorted out, just waiting on the parts to come
into the LHS.......not till the 12th, and i dont get payed till the
15th, so only a week and a bit...

ill post some pics up later, havent got the camera with me...


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Some ppl would like to see how other go about redoing/building there cars....i know its frustraiting when you put it together and realised the arms are the wrong way, or you forgot to grease the diffs......

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I like where you are going with this, I too agree that people like to understand the challenges that face them when they a "working on a project". Look forward to further updates.


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thanks....updates soon...

all my cars where secondhand so i was used to rebuilding it..i just
thought other ppl would like to know some of the more common mistakes
of doing it withh out a manual....



recieved phone call to say my parts are in..yippie, time to go coleect in the morning..

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got parts for car on thursday, installing was a breeze, apart from the
skrews in the header whernt thick enough, but it all went good......

piston and sleeve, i though id let someone who new how to do it, but i
thought what the hell, ill do, and i did, it was easy, rip off the
backplate and pullstarter, pull of the head and glowplug, push the
sleeve through the top withh a toothbrush, unconnect the connecting rod,
pull the piston through, chang over the piston, put piston back in, the
put in the, 15mins and was easy, and boy was
the compression good, had to give it a bit yank to turn over...

tuned pipe was easy, very straight forward..most chassis has a place
for the spring to hole the nozzle of the pipe, i had to drill my own,
but it worked good....

electrics was simple to...

install fuel tubing, fuel tank, put on the motor etc..

hope this "may" help someone.....

next ill have to replace a small part on the shaft which i lost, so its only running in RWD..bugga..

from this TO!!!!!

to this....looking real good....hopefully some action shots later, when i get decent camera..

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