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I need help!

Hello everyone!

I am new to the world of RC cars, and I am currently in the process of buying one.
The car I am viewing is a custom made car with the following parts:

2 cell Lipo 3300 Battery (I have a 3 cell lying around)
9turn brushless Motor ($150 alone)
Hobby fan esx with cooling fan
Carbon fibre shock tower
Locked rear diff

What kinds of top speed would I be looking at for this car?

I have a friend who owns a $700 car that has this exact same motor, and he says that it is capable of top speeds of over 120 km/h. If this car is no good, I have a budget of around $200, and I'm interested in anything on road/ off road, but I prefer it to be electric, not nitro. Thanks for all the help.
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