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Hi everyone,
i'm brand new to this website and i'm brand knew to RC.

I would really like some help with what i will need (electronics side of things) for my cable cam

I'm thinking along the lines of this but my cable cam would be made out of wood and i will be using a gopro.

it will be about 1kg i think i want it to be able to pan and tilt

i will be using it for mainly mountain biking

it has to be able to go forward and backwards at about 50kph and also be able to travel on upward and downward angled lines

I would like to know what motor, esc, servo's (for the pan and tilt), receiver/radio, battery and every thing else i will need for it.

And i would also like the radio not to be a pistol grip kind as i dont like them

any links, product names will be appreciated.

Cheers Zak
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