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Well it went pretty cool, a few x-factors, 2 smartech 1/5th buggies, a few 1/8th buggies, including 2 infernos and a hyper 7... a tmaxx and emaxx owned by mike mcpherson from brissy dirt racing, and of course my trusty savage.

After the first 20 minutes i busted my main fuel tank, and quite a big hole actually

then the 4 rear shocks came off a few at a time, happened about 4 times lol.

THEN the spur gear just had to strip.

it was fun and is gonna cost mea bitto fix it.

For anyone in the brisbane / gold coast area... there will be another race in april, on a saturday night and it will be lit from lights of course but itll be a night bash. Hopefully by then i have my new stuff and until then, i gotta rebuild shocks and get a new tank and stuff ah well it was cool.

There were also nice as real cars and a burnout competition which was so cool a few cars blew out their tires and before that was a bmx / motocross jump thingy where a few guys did some jumps and one guy did 3 backflips
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