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Hi guys,

New to forum. I'm looking at importing a car from the UK to Oz but was told I can only do so once it's turned 25 years old. It's an October 2000 build so I'll have to store it for another 3.5 years before importing. However, one work around is to import it as a racing/drifting car where it would sit in my garage for 3.5 years but can technically be used for the odd race day. This would save me paying for overseas storage and I can look after it myself while it's in my possession instead of paying exorbitant storage fees os. I would then change the status of the car over to a normal 25+ year car once it turns 25 and register it for normal road use. To pull this off, I will need someone who's got a CAMS licence and the only thing they need to do is have their name on the invoice. The invoice would then facilitate the import process where I'll be doing the rest in terms of paying for the car, preparing the import application and filing it in and paying for importing. Nothing else needs to be done by the CAMS holder apart from having their name on the invoice which would allow the car to be imported as a racing car. If you think you can help for a fee, please let me know and we can chat further about the details. I'm still learning about the process myself but I've spoken to several workshops who do the compliance for imported cars and they're the ones who've given me the idea saying they do it all the time so long as you find someone with a CAMS licence. Cheers
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