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QRCHA's X-mas party weekend

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It's all happening at QRCHA's Dakabin field on November 17-18th .

All are welcome , cheap food and drinks , lots of help and advice always freely given ..

newbies most welcome too .....

for more info , just ask !!!

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Make the effort everybody it is worth it. Even if you are not into helis it is a great sport and by the time you drive home you will want one..... or two.... or three
Just a reminder that this is on this weekend :madgrin:
well worth checking out if you are in the area
Great photos. I agree, the night flying was awesome.

Good to see some "carnage" photos there too.
Was really a great weekend ; the flying , and crashing , just gets more spectacular every event , But Jeremy's crash will be hard to beat , though Dane tried hard ............

Have to heartily thank the supporting businesses who helped make the weekend the success it decidedly was , most are QRCHA members !!!

Wayne , from , for donating a Phoenix Sim , great to see it go to a young bloke.......
Bill , from , for donating a CanopyFX Trex600/Rappy 50 canopy , and some blade stickers as well !!
Graham from JD hobbies , and Glen from Zeejay Hobbies , for supplying lots of goodies for the Pilots draw..
Chris , from , who put some great " on field " specials on GCT blades for all who needed them ,
The Crew from QRCHA Dakabin , who did a fantastic job setting the field up , and organising the event ....
All the QRCHA members who turned up , and the rest of the heli flyers from other clubs who were there , it's the social aspect that's fun too ...
Lastly , but ( probably! ) the most important person on the field , Sue , who made sure no one was ever hungry or thirsty over the 2 days , Thanks from ALL OF US..........

I'm already looking forward to the next one!!!
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yes it was a top weekend with a top group of people :thumb:

here is a heap of pics i snapped XMASS 07 BASH.html
As already mentioned it was a great weekend, they don't just happen they need the volunteers that give there time and effort for nothing, it sure makes the pilots and spectators have a great weekend so a big thank you to all involved with the setup of the event.

Hey Chris where were you on Sunday you Slacker, I had a heli all fueled up for you but had to give it to gav instead.
Urin8... hope you don't mind, but I changed a few of your links to show the pics directly.
hi guys,
made it to the site looks interesting;)
dakka was a blast thanks to all.

Hi Bill . welcome to AUSRC... and yep , the weekend was great .........
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