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QRCHA Helis - Gold Coast, Ripley, Dakabin

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I know there's a large R/C car following on the Coast ; I drive past the Gilston tracks on my way to the flying field , but how many Gold Coast car drivers are also into helis ?
Council will apparently let us fly on the cricket field adjacent to the car tracks , but its a bit small for my helis !!

I'd be interested to hear from any one interested in helis, we have a fun heli group on the coast too ......

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Well just more of the same old-same old at QRCHA's Gold Coast field today..

All the usual great flying , great fun , great BBQ, great company; just another great day really!

Yet more newbies too; everyone had THE GRIN all day ....although Hoggy did loose his for a while

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Had a great time at QRCHA's GC field on Sunday. Couldn't get the grin off my face, first flight with a real sized heli (450).

Learnt a lot from the guys there and Peter Dialed in my Heli perfectly, it fly's better than the SIM. Cheers again Peter can't wait for Friday :D:D
You looked like you enjoyed yourself, then again , we all did that !!

BTW Steve Hogg has a surplus Trex 500 at a great deal ,if you're interested...
been slack with updates , still waiting for Mr AUSRC to make his promised visit!!!

Anyway , we had a ball again today ( as always) , rest day tomorrow then lots more FUN on Sunday and Monday ..

it's a hard life .....
Hey Pete, I tried to ring you Thursday arvo. Where will you be Monday? I was thinking of a Ripley trip.
Hmm .. Think my phone is playing up, had a bit of that of late ..

I'll be flying at Canungra 10am to 4pm , be great if you can make it ..

Already got a Wings test booked , so I better be there !
Hmmm.... I need lots of air Pete.... there's more sky at Ripley.

Let me ponder.
Had a ball today , another GREAT one to happen tomorrow , at Canungra though , Chris !!!

10am to 4 pm is when it's all happening ...
Had a great day down there again watching some amazing flying although there were a few small incidents:rolleyes:. Had a small woops with mine as well but all sorted now ready for next weekend;)
Darn nice weather, great day for flying, great folks .. just magic day. After Sunday, the 2 days flying back to back was awesome - this is the life!

I had a ball, only 4 packs through the 600 today and didn't even bother taking the blade holder off the Gaui, but nice relaxing day and I had some awesome grins after some pushing some new stuff - on the plus side I took my birds home safe.

Pity about some of the other carnage - saw a bit of that today, but great to see some old and new faces, really good to catch up!!
The usual group will be flying at Canungra tomorrow , all the usual Sunday crowd will do their thing then too , then its off to annoy the Ripley crew on Wednesday....

Lots more FUN to be had .....
WHAT THE.... Wednesday at Ripley... ALRIGHTY THEN.

Better fix the one I crashed on Sunday.

The usual group will be flying at Canungra tomorrow , all the usual Sunday crowd will do their thing then too , then its off to annoy the Ripley crew on Wednesday....

Lots more FUN to be had .....
You better !!!
You better !!!
Only need blades, had an untidy auto... DOWN WIND... and it fell over at the bottom. It was the Flybar model, so I was going to go FBL... but given I won;t be ready by Wednesday... I'll just get some blades.

The new Align DFC FBL head looks AWESOME... so simple.
Was another FUN day at the field last Sunday , had 3 flyers started the day on trainer wheels , one of them is now flying free , and another is very close to not needing the trainers,he just wants them !!!

A bit of carnage, happens when we push the envelope , but Matt's 500 crash was the best I've seen; and another 500 flyer scored his Bronze wings , made it look easy ....

Lots of spectators too , and more newbies, the Canungra field was hummimg..

And it'll happen at QRCHA's Ripley field on Wednesday again ....
Hey guys, Ill be shooting between qld and NSW quite frequently, what's the go with flying up there? I fly both planks and helis but doesn't worry me if its a heli only field, and also how far is it from Southport?

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The Canungra field is about 30 mins from Southport , depending on traffic ....

You're welcome to fly with us , as is any heli flyer !

Bring your MAAA card with you ...... makes life much simpler .....

When are you escaping the crap weather down there ? looks like you might be bringing it with you though ......
Lots of fun will be happening at the Canungra field tomorrow , and no doubt at Ripley and Dakabin too , it's what we do !

And again at Ripley on Monday; love these public holidays........
Been too long since I've posted in this thread , but it's just because all the usual FUN still happens at all the QRCHA fields..

Except this weekend there's no flying at the Canungra field , we'll be thrashing the air at our Ripley field instead, just 'cos we can !!

Everyone is welcome to turn up at the Ripley field on Sunday , with your heli of course , for lots of FUN flying!!
Mr AUSRC himself , along with a few friends , even me!! , will be trying to thrash the air into submission at QRCHA's Ripley field tomorrow..:D:D..

I might even let him touch my Whiplash gasser ;);)...

As always , it'll be FUN........
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