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Minutes of QORLS Committee meeting held at Belmont at 10.20 am on the 27/02/11

Attendance; Tom, Rick and Kris

1) Timing equipment perches.
- Jason Klotz is to give loan to QORLS for the water pump and timing equipment.
- QORLS is to give Jason a written guaranty securing regular payments until capital and interest is payed in full.
- DPS is to be second guarantor in case QORLS default on the repayments agreement. ( if this occur the timing equipment becomes DPS property)

2 ) QORLS is to apply for a forum section on the US 5th scale forum.
- QORLS section on new DPS site is to be linked together with the forum
- QORLS section on AUSRC is to remain as is.

3) Motorama Toyota is interested in becoming one of QORLS sponsors.
- Kris is to organize on behalf of the club to sponsor the Safety barrier on driving stand. Estimated value of $600.00

4) QORLS goals and priority list for this year;
A new timing equipment – will be ordered on Monday 28/2/11
B water pump and houses for dust minimization – will be ordered on 28/2/11
C safety rails on driving stand – in progress
D track resurfacing- TBA
E floor on the driving stand - TBA
F power supply to the container - TBA

5) Working bee to be scheduled for this Sunday 6/3/11
- Volunteers to be split into three groups
1 Timing equipment installation
2 Watering equipment installation
3 Track maintenance
6) Practice days fees to be as follows: members $10.00 non members $15.00 effective from today. Race fees and membership is to remain as is.
7) Meeting closed 12.45pm
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