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I'm very pleased to announce that QORLS will be purchasing an AMBrc3/4 personal lap timing system this Monday 28th. We are very happy to be taking a great step forward for the club and will now able to record laps more accurately and consistantly - all the time.

QORLS will also be purchasing a mass amount of AMBrc4 transponders to re-sell to our members. Please e-mail Kris on [email protected] to place your name in the queue. The club will be offering the transponders for $140 each, which will help pay for the timing equipment.

Our aim is to have it setup and ready for use before the 20th of March, which is our next race day. At this stage, once we make payment for the equipment, we will know how soon we will have it available to us to pick up.

We will be having a committee meeting this sunday morning to go through more details about the club and I will update this thread with any new announcements.

I urge all drivers to purchase an AMBrc3 or AMBrc4 personal transponder for future races. The club *may* have some to lend at a cost.

One last note about personal transponders is that the QORLS will no longer be responsible for any miss-count of laps. It is strictly up to you to keep your transponder in a safe location and in a spot where the loop can detect it. The race director will notify the driver as soon as possible if a transponder has not been recorded.

Looking forward to the next race :)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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