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QORLS will have four classes in 2013 with rules as per
AARCMCC Large Scale Off Road

Class 1: 1/5 & 1/6 Scale 2wd EFRA - all 2wd complying with EFRA rules
Proudly Sponsored by King RC.

Class 2: 1/5 & 1/6 Scale 4wd AARCMACC - all 4wd complying with AARCMACC rules
Proudly Sponsored by DanielsPitstop.

Class 3: 1/5 & 1/6 Scale Outlaw 2wd - all 2wd HPI / Clone Baja 5b/t/sc / FG
Proudly Sponsored by OZRC.

Class 5: 1/5 & 1/6 Scale Outlaw 4wd - all Make 4wd
Proudly Sponsored by Aussie Hobbies.

Please refer to AARCMCC rules as to what class your car complies with.

Round 1 - February 3
Round 2 - February 24
Round 3 - March 17
Round 4 - April 14
Round 5 - May 5
Round 6 - May 26

QORLS Fun Day Proudly sponsored by King RC - June 17

Winter Series 2013

Round 1 - July 7
Round 2 - July 28
Round 3 - August 25
Round 4 - September 8
Round 5 - September 29
Round 6 - October 20

Large Scale Off Road Championships Hosted by QORLS - November 21,22,23 & 24

QORLS Fun Day - December 15

Please refer to AARCMCC rules as to what class your car complies with.

There must be a minimum of four cars entered in each class. If a class has les than four cars entered it will be merged with corresponding class. 4wd will race together and 2wd will race together.
Points Tally will still remain separate for each class.

Thank you

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You forgot

January 2nd 2013 - Install power points for people to use when hosting national events


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This is the QORLS race calender for next year, they have scheduled a Championship in November but it's not the Australian Nationals.

They have the right to run their own calender as they want but that weekend will be the same weekend the 2nd Australian Nationals will be held at the SSME in NSW.

We have already applied with AARCMCC to host and they have accepted.
The first Australian Nationals was a success with everyone learning a lot from it, I'm sure next year will be bigger and better.

Good luck to the QORLS club for next year and we hope to see you guys in NSW for some racing as well.

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definitely looking forward to the nationals in Sydney next year!

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I'll be there, Already got my seat booked....51 weeks to go...woo hoo
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