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Club, Racing and Practice Rules

Racing rules and club regulations

1. All drivers are welcome to race at a QORLS event.

2. A committee member must be on-site to sign in all drivers on that days event or practice.

3. Open Practice sessions are only currently available on either Saturdays or Sundays from 8:15am to 12pm. A committee member must be present on-site for a practice session to begin.

4. Engines shall not be started strictly before 8:15AM at any given event or practice.

5. Please put all rubbish in the rubbish bins. If there are no bins, take the rubbish with you. Please remove all rubbish off the oval after using the grounds. This includes cigerette buds, bottle tops, small wrappers ect.

6. Strictly no alcohol.

7. *All drivers who wish to operate their RC's must be recorded in the diary and fees paid before any engines may be started. This is a requirement for QORLS from the QRA as an operating procedure*

8. All exhaust pipes are required to have a noise level no louder than 85dB. Any exhaust pipe louder than 85dB will meet satisfactory requirements providing they are fitted with an internal or external silencer to reduce noise levels. In any time during a race or practice session shall a silencer or exhaust pipe fails, the driver is required to pit-in immediately and shut down the engine untill such issue is resolved.

9. 1:1 Cars are to be parked in the dedicated car park only. If you work on your RC's from within your car/ute/wagon, please advise a committee member and they will ask you to park in a dedicated spot close to the track. The QORLS committee wishes to have minimal cars on the oval so please unload your gear beside the track then park your vehicle in the provided car park.

10. Please repair the track during and/or after use. Ag Pipe does tend to get wrapped around the vehicles or become loose, so please do what you can for track maintenence.

11. Dust - Avoid creating dust-storms. Avoid means that dust will generally be present, just don't create dust intentionally.

12. Under no circumstances will vandalism be tollerated. Respect the track, Respect the complex.

13. Verbal harrassment or physical violence will not be tollerated. You will either be warned or removed from the club at the committee's disgression.

14. All RC's must be operated within the boundries of the oval. RC's are not to be used anywhere else within the Belmont Shooting Complex.

15. No pets within the Belmont Shooting Complex.

More info coming soon.
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