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The posting of pictures in your threads make the topic so much better, but there are some guidelines that need to be followed to make this work for everyone.

  1. <LI>The picture should preferrably be no more than 400 pixels wide. If you can't manage that, then 640 pixels at the absolute maximum. This is not an issue of disk space alone, it is also an issue of layout. On my Dell Laptop with a 15.4" wide aspectscreen, I have 1920 x 1200pixelsin real estate. Quite frankly it therefore doesn't matter how wide they are, but for people running 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768, wider imagessquash all of the side barsand generally make the site layout aweful.
    <LI>The image should be hosted realiably. That means when peolpe visit AUSRC.COM, they don't get white boxes with red crosses in them. I have provided an upload facility, so if all else fails host them on AUSRC.
    <LI>If you host pictures on AUSRC.COM and you use them in other forums, please give the site a bit of a nudge by putting us in your signature.</LI>

If you do not know how to shrink your picutres, here is what I do....

If it is on another site, I save it to my HDD. Once I have saved it, I use a tool like Microsoft Office Picture Manager (you can use any image editing tool) to resize it to 400 pixels wide. I then upload it to AUSRC.COM, which by default, shows the picture in your post. Obviously if they are your own pics, already on your HDD, the same applies.

For more detail on uploading pictures, check this thread:

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er... um... hope i haven't rubbed u the rong way man...

I love the ability to simply up pics to AUSRC. Fantastic!
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