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Pittsworth Heli Days

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Anybody want to have a fly at Pittsworth this weekend? Weather permitting ..Let me know what you think. Even if you only have a Trex 450 to Fly you are welcome but be prepared to have some slack put on you.
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I'm there , I'm there !!!! :thumb: now, who do I know that has a 450 .......Oh yeah .. I know.........:eek:
Ok we have one Victim do we have any others??
The numbers are growing I have about 8 people showing interest for the day AUSRC are you going to make the trip??:D:D
Hope you've ordered decent weather for tomorrow , Lyle!!!

It'll be fun anyway .....

Is Mr Calman coming ??
I rang Mr Calman and he said he might make it. It was a little hot here today hopefully will be cooler tomorrow
Was a fun day , great field , even the weather was OK .. Pity I broke a Razor N , but someone has to appease the crash gods!!

Great group of flyers too , makes another visit highly likely!!
Rotor Blades will be going around again this Sunday...... Which heli will be the first to get a fly?
pitsworth heli days

Hi, just wondering when the next heli day is at pw
Contact Lyle at [email protected]

Pretty sure they fly most Sundays at Pittsworth airport ...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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