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[url] nacle/pinnacle_1.htm[/url]

does any out know much about this motor. the numbers seem rediculously high compared to my monster stock pro. I know number don't tell the whole story so i am after opinions on it from those who have used one and how it compares to the monster.

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Haha, when I saw "PINNACLE GOLD" I thought you were talking about Golf Balls!!!

<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=630>
<TD class=blu11pxbold width=41>Motor</TD>
<TD class=blu11pxbold width=66>Order No.</TD>
<TD class=blu11pxbold width=58>max.Eff.</TD>
<TD class=blu11pxbold width=65>rpm</TD>
<TD class=blu11pxbold width=66>power</TD>
<TD class=blu11pxbold width=105>current at max. Eff.</TD>
<TD class=blu11pxbold width=229>Torque with max. power</TD></TR>
<TD class=blk10px width=41>27x1</TD>
<TD class=blk10px width=66>97076</TD>
<TD class=blk10px width=58>78 %</TD>
<TD class=blk10px width=65>24500</TD>
<TD class=blk10px width=66>128 W</TD>
<TD class=blk10px width=105>18 A</TD>
<TD class=blk10px width=229>200 Nmm</TD></TR></T></TABLE>

Yeah, different dynos different numbers. Heck, even different examples of the same brand/model dyno you'll get slightly different figures.

I think the current lot of Trinity motors (~50-60W) are done on a Fantom Facts machine. This is a flywheel-inertia machine, non-load.

The older Trinitys eg P2K have stickers that say ~110-120W+, I think they were done on a CE Turbo. This is a load-dyno using a slave motor.

That 78% efficiency is bit suss though... wonder how they worked that out.

Most stockers are only ~50%, they are very inefficient due to the huge timing but that's ok - we've got 3300 cells now. Even mods don't usually break 70% efficiency but.
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