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Just sharing my latest video with the FPV micro Trojan, was buzzin around today, going great when all of a sudden a tree branch jumped out at me which resulted in my vertical stab coming unstuck hehe...
I tried to keep it flying but ran into another tree..

Prop makes the funky lines on the video, cant do nothing about it, you get over it and ignore them after a while, I got a UMX Beast coming which will sort out that problem ;)

Anyway all fixed now, thinkin of going out again tomorrow for another blast...
Got some other vids of it indoor and stuff on my youtube channel :p

If anyone is interested im using...

Fatshark Video goggles - $350ish
5.8ghz 2.2 gram video transmitters from - - $45
2 x 5.8ghz video receiver modules from the same place - $ 50 (for both)
1gram micro camera from the same place - $80
Oracle video diversity switcher $160

The camera / transmitter on the plane run on 1cell lipo no probs, so I got a plug from the local hobby shop for $3 and I just run 2 lipos, one for the video system and the other for the rc & motor.

That oracle switcher thing grabs the best video from my 2 video receivers and thats what I see, it cleans it up alot and makes the video much better, plus you can use one big antenna and one small one if you wanna go far away - which of course I dont :plane:

Hit me up if you have any questions :D
If your in Brisbane and wanna check it out, gimmie a yell, we go flyin all the time.


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hi there. Love the idea of UM FPV! ive been trying without too much luck to FPV an escale pheonix with a hobbyking 900mhz system. I also recently found out that 900mhz is illegal in oz, so have started thinking about a 5.8 system. I have a small and growing hanger of UM's, and would love to FPV some. i also have the mini swift which might also work well. I would really like to see your setup in action, which part of bris are you in? Im on the northside at ferny hills. Have you picked up the beast yet? I have a friend who has bought one but has been a bit reluctant to maiden it... we are eally keen to see it FPV'd!


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FPV in Australia

You can use 900mhz in your command signal (Aircraft control transmitter) but do not use it as a video signal carrier. For video transmission it is recommended (Australian use only) to use 2.4Ghz / 5.8Ghz. DO NOT USE 1.2GHZ OR 1.3GHZ FOR VIDEO ILLEGAL!!

Video transmission is capable of being sent over distances of between 3 - 25Kms using larger db gain aerials / patch antenna's (dependent on how much you wish to spend).

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