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Its not really a savage tip, just a one way bearing tip and I guess most people would already know this but anyway ....

If you find your one way bearing slipping and the housing for it isnt
cracked try squirting the bearing with a CRC product called
Brakeclean. I do this when my oneway starts to slip and it fixes
the problem straight away . You can get it from Blackwoods Engineering
Supplies and its 10 bucks a
can. It removes any oils and scuzz and evaporates residue free ! ( It
says on the can " cleans without disassembly ") Its also safe to
use on
the plastics that our trucks are made out of, I use the stuff to clean
my truck down.

Another product to try is CRC CO Cleaner, its used for cleaning
electrical contacts, once again it evaporates residue free, but its a
bit dearer ( I get it for 13 dollars but im with a national
company so we get great deals ) . Dont use inside or in confined spaces !

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