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[NSW] new guy with Inferno GT2 Race Spec.

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hey all,

I'm Marlo, getting back into nitro rc after many years off.

Located in the Parra area (found a defensive driving track that is pretty much free use during the day, located at Nirimba education precinct, quakers hill, join me if you can! the track is very lengthy and uninterrupted!)

I'm in the process of upgrading my GT2, and I've been on the inferno pro boards forum, but it's quite inactive. I'm hoping someone here has experience with the GT2 RS, as I have a few questions regarding set up.

I've bought a few things to play around with like shock and diff oil (30k front and 10k rear for diffs, 80w and 70w for the shocks) but i still find shes pushing alot and does not have great turn in, unless i pull the trigger and wheelspin her into the corner. I have sway bars on the way, but what else can i do to improve turn in? I plan on tracking her but not with how she turns like a barge at the moment.

Im playing with ride height, droop, steering ackerman positions and suspension holes. if anyone has a gt2 that could chime in and drop a hint that would be much appreciated.

another thing is I'm only getting 66kmph on this thing i was quite disappointed for a big bore engine. I cant seem to find a definitive answer for gearing and what pinions and spurs i should use as i really want to increase the top end, hopefully this can be remedied by the new LRP .28z spec 3 engine i won off ebay for a little over $100, but i just want to know my gearing options for a higher top speed.

I'm running stock servos, and I'm thinking of upgrading them for faster reaction, also, when i start using my new engine I'll be upgrading my ring and bevel gear from conical to straight cut to handle the HP of the new engine.

Can I use other servos but the original radio and reciever? anything else worthwhile upgrading in general? thanks in advance and sorry for the long first post!:cool:
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