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I have been testing the new racing software that QORLS intends on purchacing in the near future and have worked out my way around Race Control Management Ultimate.

Although, still not 100% familiar, I can now setup a championship including practice, qualifying and final rounds, a driver database involving personal data, team information, sponsorships and a ranking system, the use with the AMB20 transponder system plus AMBrc3 Personal Transonders and the list continues.

Currently with what the new software allows us to do, I have setup a new racing format which I intend on using for the use of future races in 2011 (on the provision we have baught the software before then).

In a nutshell, this new system is a complete overhaul and will differ to the format other large scale offroad clubs are used to. This is because QORLS intends to step up a good few notches and compete using racing formats that 1:8 (EP & IC), 1:10 (EP & IC) and 1:5 onroad clubs have used for many years. Keep in mind, QORLS is still doing research in making sure we're doing things the right, formal way.

The new format.
1. Nominations/Free practice

2. 1 x 7min Practice/Sorting round per group.
This practice round is Informal racing and each driver must do a minimum of 1 fast recorded lap. What this does is it sorts out the random arrangement of drivers in each group and then matches other drivers to form a qualifying group of drivers with the same driving ability.

3. 3 x 7min Qualifying heats.
Once drivers are matched by ability, the groups will remain fixed for the remainder of three qualifying heats. Only the two (2) best races of the three qualifying heats will count towards your final grade.

*Based on your two (2) best qualification heats, you will be sorted into your final grade. The top four (4) drivers will automatically qualify into the A-Main final, drivers ranked 5th to 9th will qualify for 1/2 final A, 10th to 14th will qualify for 1/2 final B*

4. 1/4 Finals 1 x 10min race.
The 1/4 finals will divide the remaining drivers from rank 16th onwards into the relevant groups based on the qualification rounds. The Winner of each group (based on their 1/4 final race result) will progress into the 1/2 finals and sorted into the correct group accordingly.

5. 1/2 Finals 1 x 10min race.
5th-9th ranked drivers + 1/4 final winner = Group A
10th-14th rank drivers + 1/4 final winner/2nd place = Group B

6. A-Main Final 1 x 15min race.
1st-4th ranked drivers + 1/2 final winners of Group A+B

Each group within a sub-final will have an equal opportunity to progress into the next stage of finals.

This is the format that QORLS will be adopting and can potentially change if the need arises. The current racing series for 2010 will remain as-is and will not change untill the series has finished.

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