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Hi all, my name is Steve. I have bought myself a 55" King of Shaves Catamaran. It is second hand so I am almost finished a strip down and rebuild to clean up a few rough bits from the previous owner. it is running a CY 26cc
engine and larger prop. Apart from that it is stock.
the one problem I have {and I hope someone can offer a solution) is the radio setup. It is a Flysky FS-GT3C. Everything is fine except the throttle is set up as an electric car. If the trigger is pulled it accelerates as it should but when if zero's it can be pushed as if it is braking a car. I would really like to get rid of that and just have normal throttle for the gas engine.
Any advice would be great as I can't figure it out using the manual.
I also have a 66" MTI Cat on the way which I intend building up as a twin gas. I do a fair bit of carbon fibre machining si looking forward to the build.
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