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Hi all,
New here (I introduced my self above). I have a 6 month old RC car that my son bought but I can’t get it working. It’s an Outlaw 1/10 scale 4wd brushed motor off-road buggy. He ran it for about 5 hours without problem. He moved out of home and I drove it for about 15 minutes and ‘broke’ it. Trying to get it fixed. Here’s the symptoms
Motor not moving at all. Steering works fine

Here’s the diagnosis so far
Battery is fully charged
I turn on the ESC and there is a solid red led showing.
When I turn on the transmitter the red led blinks every second or so.
The manual says there should be a sound emitted - a beep, but that doesn’t happen.
There is a setup switch on the ESC. When I press this nothing changes.
As I said above the steering works fine.
When I press the throttle on the transmitter the led on the esc flashes at an increasing rate depending on how far the trigger is pulled in. This seems logical.
I put a voltmeter on the positive and negative leads from the ESC to the motor. 0 volts at closed throttle position but only 0.3 volts at throttle open position. This seems low to me. I thought pretty much full voltage would be put to the motor.
Is what I am describing a common issue and does it guide you to a ESC issue, a motor issue or have I failed to set it up properly?
Appreciate any assistance.
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