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Anyone else notice the new advertising banner? The squished RC hobbies gave it away.
I had to look twice before I noticed why, it just looked somehow different. :)

Not saying it's bad, just new.
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Things change, $$ are the driving factor. We have had our honeymoon period, now its business as usual and the forum has to make our new masters mucha mucha richa.
Sounds like Virtucon or whoever they are could run for govt in Australia....
If the adds were relevant it would be nice.... ING savings maximizer? I already have my savings tied up in kyosho align hangar 9 :)
Yeah I don't think they have their ad picker quite tuned yet, I mean come on, this is an R/C hobby forum and it's pretty obvious what sort of ads we will actually click on, the shotgun approach may work on some forums but not so much here, I would think.
Yeah I was getting ads for Audi's which I've never looked up. Went on hobbyking then came back here and now it has links for edf jets and rc wholesalers.
Adblock for Chrome works a treat.....I haven't seen ANY ads on the net in ages. Not even in Youtube vids.

Or there's Catblock....which replaces all ads with pictures of cats.
Just read the privacy statment:

Click on adchoices, lower right of the banner for more info.
Personally guys, I don't see any big deal about the adds or their relevance to RC or my lifestyle habits.

I pay nothing to be part of this community (subscriptions were voluntary and not mandatory) and I fully accept that those who put investment into the place to keep it running should be able to make returns to cover their costs.

If your ad blockers don't work, then don't read the ads....I fail to see how they can be distracting.
They in no way effect the content of the forum boards or the ability to post etc so just ignore them if you must.

If the new owners make a lot of money as a result, good luck to least it means the longevity of should be preserved and there should be no shortage of funds to invest in hardware, bandwith and software upgrades.

If the presence of the ad banners is really truly an issue, then take a stance and show your protest by requesting your AUSRC account be cancelled. ;)

Just my 2c worth..........


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now the banner says "single women want me!"

As if single women want a 31 year old balding man with 2 kids who is addicted to RC, what a lie.
My mistake, the banner says married women want me!
I keep getting a quick link to Hobby King Matt, that should be popping up for you.
I keep getting a quick link to Hobby King Matt, that should be popping up for you.
HobbyKing do not need to advertise to LD, they own him already.
HobbyKing do not need to advertise to LD, they own him already.
Exactly! How did you guys know that i love hobbyking?
We looked at your signature:thumb:
We looked at your signature:thumb:
ld you have more posts , than what i have put miles on my car....:p
Its a adchoices advertising, it uses magical fairys to track what is your most popular traffic then will show ads that "corrispond"

Dosnt matter wat various forum i log on too it always shows the same add, which is stupid because im already in that program.

Other forums show adds to non members then "no adds" to members, ie it shows "smaller" of the same adds
Wholly crap, that means that I will be getting ads for redtube, barely 18 and perfect girls, I better hope the missus doesn't see the adds !!
You dont have to worry about seeing porn ads. GoogleAds doesn't advertise pornsites, even if you do visit them. While targeted demographic/geographic advertising works MOST of the time, you will see the odd ad here and there that has nothing to do with either the R/C hobby or being relevant to your browsing habits.
One thing I have noticed, since the banners and ads have gone up,
People like me who are out in the bush and have crap internetspeeds.
It takes a lot longer for the page to load up.
From logon to full page today over 1.25 minutes
Might just give up:mad:
Google adblocker works great, wish I had of known about that sooner
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