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My RC Track

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Hi everyone,

As some may remember when i was deciding in getting my BAJA i decided that i would build a track of my own. I have mowed the track layout and it is a little more boxy than in the picture below and it is only about 6~8ft wide ATM. I have round-upped the track and am currently in the process of removing the grass.

My first question is what would be the best way to remove the grass. ATM i am towing a pallet that has screwed driven into the underside behind my mower and after about 10m it is all clogged up and i don't really want to be cleaning it every 10m.

I have a rototiller that i can use but that wont be till the school hols and was wondering if anyone knew of a better way of removing the grass,

I will no doubt have many more questions in the future so thanks in advance.

I will take some photos of where it is currently at but till then here is a basic layout of it.


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I'm planning my own track and will being work this weekend.

I was initially going to mow the grass then get my neighbour to come over with his Dingo and just carve the track out of the dirt. I think you're mad trying to carve the track out with anything but heavy machinery, Dingo, Bobcat, D9, but then our ground is pretty rough and rock filled, I"ve learned from experience that heavy machinery is the only way to go. Your mileage may vary.

I'll be following your progress closely.
i tried to dig up the grass with a bobcat and all it would do was lift up the front wheels and wouldn't cut into the dirt.

I have put the mover blades on their lowest setting so at least every second they hit the ground.

I really don't mind as ill no doubt be changing the blades anyway.

i think ill just use the rototiller and do it slow and steady, it will be a pain in the rear end but rome wasn't built in a day.

Also i don't know if i mentioned this but i am doing it in a paddack that used to have thick grass, is at the bottom of a hill and is not smooth at all.
I think mow it as low as possible first & then get some mates around with ther rc/s & let them have a few rounds. The grass will soon disappear.
mow,roundup, then carve the hell out of it with your baja
yea man, a budget way to do it is mow really low, roundup, and then just carve the track with the baja... get some big nobby tyres, that grass wont last long.. :)

This is a how to design and build your own track thread. Hope it helps.
hire a council worker to pour & flatten some bitchomen on the track for you!

then you can add your own rally dirt over the track to make the cars slide.
You can see the grass next to my track in the video above.
All I did was hit it with roundup, waited a week and then after only 20-30 laps it looked like this.
I really need to get the dirt in now though because it's eroding badly and all the tree roots from the big gum trees are starting to protrude which makes for some unexpected jumps!
Well i have had to change the initial layout due to the weather,

Here is the new shape

I have moved the track and the grass on the inside of the track so it looks pretty good, it is just about ready for my to use,

Ill upload some pics and a vid soon
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Me and some mates are going to build a track on the school holidays. Gonna be fun, cant wait to see how yours go.

love to see some pics of the final result.


here are some pics, it is like running on sleet ice with the baja, all the dead grass shavings (i got rid of as much as i could) give no traction so i spent more time going the wrong way then i did going the right way.


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cool BM
now all you need it for it to be dirt, a Baja will do that in a jiffy
yeh, but first i gotta lay out some piping or something cause i didn't make the lanes wide enough but when i put the piping down it should be a little better.
Hi B_Money,

That is a beautiful bit of land you have there:) and the track seems to be coming along very nicely.

A bit of advice. Try if possible to use little or no Chemicals to kill the grass. Due to the slope it could very easily end up in neighboring properties And dams.

Great effort mate:thumb:


Yeh, I didn't really think of that but no worry as just behind where I was taking the photos from is the lowest point of all the paddocks. It was meant to be the part of the oval that was then cut out due to being a mud pile now. Also behind that is a road so it's all good. On that road though is a development so all the people coming to look at the land for sale were probably thinking WTF is that guy doing.

I appreciate your advice none the less and maybe others will read it also.

I'd say another 30 or so laps and that sucker will be all dirt. Layout looks good too.
BTW, how much are you asking for your STe roller?
Yeh its starting to turn to dirt,

I ran my STe on it (Pm sent BTW re: mini STe) and it was awesome, My e-maxx was way to high and would roll over at any corner and would wheely like mad, my baja's plastic undertray thingy was dragging on the ground making it very hard to handle and also my bowties are pretty much bald and useless.

i took some video of my STe running and might upload it tonight but i also have to upload my baja and my old STe footage.

Hope this made sense...
Do anything to the track over the weekend?
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