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Hi everyone. I’m new to the RC scene having recently completed (to test stage anyway) my little RC Jet Turbine Boat... here are some specs...


Fiberglass Hydroplane Race Boat design
Modelled after life-size turbine powered Hydroplane race boats as seen here (from 1.10-):
Twin rudder upgrade
2Ch Custom modified Remote Control
Heavy Duty Upgraded Servo for Rudders

Propulsion System:

Purely Thrust driven (no prop or water jet drive)
New Wren 80i Jet Turbine Engine (with manuals and maintenance log)
Fully Automatic Computer Controlled Engine Management System (XiCoy)
Twin Fuel Tanks (approx. 5 mins run time)
Requires Jet-A1 fuel (Kerosene + 5% Turbine Oil)
Fully watertight electronics compartment
Portable handset to monitor system function and make parameter adjustments.

I have spent countless hours on this project and 2 turbine engines, this is the newest. The first was a brand that I was supporting as a start-up company, that engine failed and I got screwed over by them.. Luckily Wren Turbines in the UK heard about my problem and offered to help me out ☺ The engine that I bought from Wren (this 80i) is far superior in all aspects...thank you to WrenPowerSystems (UK).

Anyway, here’s my first video of it having a nice ¼ power test run on my local lake yesterday.


P.S. it’s for sale if anyone is interested... (SMS me on 0433 617 145) - I will even throw in some Jet-A1 fuel and few tins of turbine oil (worth $25 a tin). Offers above $3500.


Phil (Wollongong NSW)


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