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Hi all,

I'm new to these boards so thought I'd introduce myself with a pic of my buggy.

The pics are a little large at 640x480, but the file size is kind of small so hopefully no inconvenience.

Yes, these photos were taken when it was brand new. It's now a fair bit dirtier and has green wheels with on-road tyres as I play at Penrith (NSW) on Tuesday nights.

Cheers! Oggy.


Howdy,,,, ye thatll give you hours of enjoyment !!!

A lot of the regulars put down the gv rides... but personally i think there a great car for the beginner, fairly basic but that leads to less problems,broken parts etc in the long run.

My first ride was the marloo ute road car.. which regrettfully i sold due to a cash shortage (only to win $1500) on lotto the next week !!!! HATE THAT..

so now have the 2 rides,on road and off..

Happy thrashing....

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Nothing wrong with GV's current crop of RCs, it was mainly the original lot of 1/10th buggies which they later recycled into touring cars and put the Holden/Ford bodies on - those couldn't handle (2WD), the engines were dodgy ('early' Force) and even the build quality was a tad suspect. Unfortunately the bad name has stuck.

As for 1/8th buggies... honestly EVERYTHING out there today is a copy of the Kyosho Inferno from 1992. Just look at them & compare... can you even tell 2 buggies apart fromten paces away?!? I can't... all the same layout.

Innovation isn't a strong point in 1/8 offroad, but for all the subsequent copies - at least as its all tried & true, there ain't much that can go wrong.

Ahh, just enjoy GV. At least today they're good value - can't complain.
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