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Moving on

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Hi guys,

After hanging around here for over 10 years with considerable time spent assisting this place with administration and moderating duties, changing interests mean it's time to move on.

Accordingly, I will be asking forum owners to remove my administrator rights.

Good luck with the hobby....and have a safe Christmas and prosperous 2015.


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No way Stevo... won't be same without you (o_O)
Sad day stevo hope to still see you at HMAS open days
You will be greatly missed at AUSRC good luck with future ventures

Since Stevo passed the forum on to others this place has gone down the drain.....Stevo sad to see you go all the best mate... :(
Thanks Steve for all the time you have put in to keep this forum going, also the help and info over the years.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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