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This is an open note to all SOLS, BLSO and QORLS members, in relation to their "Members Only" areas.

I have posted this in each of the clubs secure areas, as I do not believe it needs to be in the public arena.

It is my intention to change the moderation access to the "Members Only" areas, so that only Site Administrators and Senior Moderators of AUSRC.COM can moderate within the secure areas. Current nomination and appointment of Moderators from each club for their "Public Areas" will remain unchanged.

Why the change?

AUSRC.COM is very happy to support the local clubs, and thinks that the ability to give these clubs a home of their own is beneficial for botht he clubs and AUSRC.COM.

Given that the "Members Only" area is just that, for MEMEBERS ONLY, it is a place where members should be able to make comments (good, bad and ugly) regarding THEIR club, without fear of editting and deletion, by other club members. Since it is NOT in the public domain, I believe this is exactly the vehicle clubs need to keep all of their communications together, secure and out of the public eye, and therefore people should be able to have their say.

Obviously all of the normal rules apply - no personal attacks, racial or discriminatory posts, etc, but as people do within the greater forum, if this occurs members can still report the post and one of the Site Admins or Senior Mods will fix the issue.

I think it is far more important that the additional Moderators are allocated to the "Public Club" area, so in this fashion the Clubs external appearance can be held in line with the clubs policies, etc.

The reason for this change is because I have had PMs from various members of clubs, suggesting that this would be a better system.

So, before I execute this change, I am giving people the opportunity to reply to this thread with any potential issues that they foresee, or any other feedback.

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