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We're excited to share the new Marketplace listing format and the restoration of Classifieds/Marketplace feedback (aka Buyer/Seller Rating). We have also restored the legacy iTrader feedback data from the older version of this community.

What Is Marketplace?
The marketplace is an initiative to improve our system and features for more transactional-based content. Currently, we are focused on listings (classifieds).

How It Works
Go to your classifieds/marketplace section:
  • Create a new post type as 'Buy/Sell'

    Listing for buying or selling

    General or Vehicle specific listing (more options to come)

  • Location

  • Preview the listing
  • Editing the listing
  • Detailed listing

What Are Marketplace Ratings?
A reputation system (similar to iTrader plugin of the past) that will allow buyers and sellers to rate, comment and review each other based on their experience in our marketplace. This is a part of our overall effort to help build credibility for buyer and sellers in our marketplace.

Current Available Features
We will have the following features available but still working on refinements to this new feature:
  • Leaving a review on a User Profile
    • "Leave a review" will display a popup that will allow users to
      • Rate out of 5 stars (Mandatory)
      • Select the role in the transaction (Mandatory)
      • Describe their experience (Optional)
      • Input the Marketplace Listing URL (Mandatory)

        Rectangle Font Parallel Magenta Screenshot
        Rectangle Font Screenshot Parallel Number
  • Viewing a combined user rating (Buyer and Seller Combined) - Rating is averaged out over all reviews
    • User Info Card
    • Marketplace Listing Post
    • User Profile (New tab)
      Product Font Rectangle Screenshot Technology
Cloud Car Vehicle Sky Motor vehicle

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  • iTrader Legacy Data
    • We have created a tool to migrate the previous existing data that communities and will release it in phases, much like the overall rating feature.
  • Moderator/Admin Modification of Ratings
    • Admins/Moderators will be able to edit/delete ratings
  • Reporting of ratings
    • Similar to the post reporting queue, users will be able to report spam/inappropriate ratings
Upcoming Features That We Are Still Working On:
  • Spam control / Rating Inflation(Deflation)
  • Make leaving reviews easier by enhancing the marketplace URL field
  • Prompting users to leave ratings when listings are marked as sold
  • Prefixes for marketplace threads (example For Sale, Sold, WTB, WTT, Free, etc...)
We look forward to your feedback on this feature! Please put any comments, questions, or concerns down below, and we will be happy to answer them.

Your Community Management Team
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